Lizards and Holly Bushes

by Lorraine on August 22, 2008

May 19th.   And you’re thinking, “okay”, what’s up with the title?   Nothing, actually other than the darn (I’m being polite, here) Holly bush has sent up sprouts right near the stream bed, which means that I’ve to move some of the rocks to get to it and dig it up.


I hate this plant and I can’t believe how impervious it is to RoundUp (yes, I said “RoundUp).   Nothing seems to kill it and it will be an on going worry that I will have if it continues to re sprout and take over the garden.  The good news is that there is absolutely no sign of the Bermuda lawn anywhere and that was my biggest concern since it’s very difficult to get rid of and can keep coming back for years.


The lizards are out on the rocks when the morning is sunny.   Typically the weather for May in southern CA is overcast and quite gloomy or as we call it here, the “May Grays”.   Junes generally isn’t much better and sometimes this gray, gloomy stuff will continue into the first part of July.


Then at last!  SUMMER IN CALIFORNIA ARRIVES with all of its heat and smog.   Well, we don’t have smog all the time.   But yeah, it can get pretty hot here and fortunately the area that I live in, is considered to be a coastal valley so it’s a bit cooler than the inland areas.  I’m just 45 minutes from the beach and the summers can be quite lovely here, especially in the evenings.


So, back to the lizards…on the mornings when the sun is out, so are they.   I generally see the same pair all the time and the reason that I know this, is because one of them is missing part of his tail.   Okay, okay, I don’t know that he’s a “dude”, but does it matter?


Anyway, the two of them are just hanging out on some of the rocks, warming themselves up for a day of eating bugs and avoiding things that eat them.   Of course, part of their morning procedure is doing lizard calisthenics.


In other words, push ups!

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