The Garden, Cats and Birds

by Lorraine on August 24, 2008



When the Gang of Three are in the garden, I’m there, too, always keeping an eye on the action.   I don’t want them to catch any birds or the lizards that have come into my little santuary of native plant bliss.


I had read recently about the large impact that cats have on wildlife and that on a given day in the U.S. on an average, cats will kill 300,000 birds.  I was shocked by that figure and it wasn’t until I had these three cats, that I decided I would keep them inside the house not only for their benefit but especially the wildlife. 


All of my other cats that I have had over the years  were indoor and outdoor kitties and they did catch a lot of birds, sometimes rabbits and lizards and I always found it upsetting and now I’m glad that I keep them inside. 


So I made the decision to have The Gang of Three be indoor cats and actually, they prefer it, even Sparkle who is completely feral.   They feel safe, they don’t have fleas and there aren’t any health issues or problems that an outdoor cat can develop and the wildlife is safe from them, too.


So when they are outside, I’m there as well,  keeping a eye on them.   I leave the door open so that if something scares them, they can make a fast run inside, usually a stampede!   They get scared pretty easily and especially if the evil Quimby comes over to my house.


He’s an old marmalaid cat and he likes to appear as threatening as he can to Chico, Biscuit and Sparkle who has had a run-in with him.  His tactic his to give my cats his version of the feline evil eye and seem scary.   Because of his uninvited intentions, that’s the one reason I leave the door open so that they can run to safety. 


But this also leaves open the possibility that another type of critter might stroll or slither into the house and I really don’t want to have to deal with frightened lizard or worst yet, a snake.   Especially a Rattlesnake.

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