Chico and the…..

by Lorraine on August 25, 2008

So unless I can keep an eye on Chico and Biscuit, they don’t get to go outside very often.   But when they are out, Chico sometimes catches a lizard.   Biscuit?   Never but he sure likes looking.   When on those very rare times that Chico catches one, I have to rescue it and almost 99% of the time, the lizard makes it’s get-away!


On this particular day, Chico happened to catch one on the opposite side of the garden from where I was.   And he immediately made a run towards the open door.   I was leap-frogging across the garden, trying not to land on any of the plants, in my race to shut the door before he ran into the house. I managed to shut it just in time and he was pretty annoyed about it.


“Thwarted”!!!   He held onto his treasure as I tried to convince him to let it go but he wasn’t giving it up.


Finally, he lost his grip on the little bugger when he moved slightly.   And instead of getting a firmer grip on it, he dropped it and Mr. Lizard made a very fast run into the garden and hid.   Chico, of course, is looking around, wondering where it went but he couldn’t find it.  Score a point for the lizard.

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