California Native Gardens and Doves

by Lorraine on August 28, 2008

May 24th.   I spent my birthday working in the garden, if you can call the pleasure that I derive from being in my garden  “working”.  The poppies are starting to look drab and not as colorful as they were a few weeks ago.  The foliage on them is turning a bit gray and some of them are starting to lean over towards the ground.   So I decided it was time to clean them out.


As I was walking towards the garage to get some tools, my neighbor Sally came over.   We were on the pathway, talking when she happened to look up into the tree and saw two fledgling Doves right over her head.  I didn’t know it but apparently there had been a nest in the tree for quite some time and these two birds were from the nest and probably had been there for awhile, I just hadn’t noticed them before. 

Now, they’re out of the nest and the two of them are just sitting on this branch.   Luckily, Sally didn’t get pooped on!   They stayed in the same spot for two days and then finally flew away.  I ‘ve noticed that there have been a lot of Doves in the area and they really love my garden.  They like to kick the mulch around as they look for food and they use the bird bath for drinking and almost seem tame.

Dove Butts

Dove Butts

Dove Fronts

Dove Fronts

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