California Poppies and Lizards

by Lorraine on August 28, 2008

Previously I mentioned that I was going to clean out the Poppies and became distracted by the Doves.   So, as I was saying, it was my birthday (May) and I was looking forward to just being outside in the garden, when I noticed that the Poppies weren’t looking too good anymore.


At first I thought that I would just remove them by simply digging them up using a pitchfork.   But aha!   That proved to be very difficult as the ground was just too dry and hard.   So, I ended up simply pulling them out by hand, which really wasn’t very effective, as they tended to break off at the stems.   It didn’t take too long for me to fill up one trash barrel with what I had pulled out and I wasn’t even done.

The weather is cool and yet I’m mindful that I need to pay attention as to where I put my hands, as there could be any early Rattlesnake.   Thankfully there wasn’t any around but I did notice a motionless lizard.


He was a bit chilled and I almost stepped on the poor guy.   I just left him alone, dozing and enjoying his lizard dreams, (whatever they are….probably about bugs) and continued to work.   Eventually he moved underneath a rock to complete his snooze.


Chico of course, is hanging out in the garden right near me.   He was on his usual lizard “patrol” and I certainly didn’t want him to catch it and I was relieved that he never saw it and if he did, I would have picked up the lizard and moved him to safety.


I continue to see a pair of Quail most mornings and I’m always wondering why they are not part of a flock.   Usually Quail are in groups but these two seem to be “loners” and it’s odd that the male and female are by themselves.   Biscuit was staring out the kitchen window the other morning at them, with a very nefarious expression.

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