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by Lorraine on September 1, 2008

I have been posting material that I wrote prior to creating this blog and it has been in chronological order.  My idea was to gradually bring the reader up to the present.   But I decided today, to jump a head a little bit and discuss a lecture that I attended called,  “Kill Your Lawn” in case anyone wants to get started on their garden in the next few months.


If you are considering doing a Native garden, you have to eliminate your lawn as soon as possible because the planting season for Natives is just around the corner as we head into Fall and Winter.  It’s not too late to start making plans, but it’s really important to allow enough time to “kill your lawn” and prepare the area for your new plants!


I attended a lecture early in August offered by the Theodore Payne Foundation, called “Kill Your Lawn”!   A pretty hilarious name but quite descriptive of the material that was presented to a very large group of attendees.


The speaker was Steve Gerischer with Larkspur Garden Design but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a web site, otherwise, I would list it here.   He was quite entertaining in his presentation as he discussed the different methods to remove a lawn.  And there are several and I will do the best that I can to share that information with you.


Due to the fact that the enrollment was so large for this lecture, it actually had to be moved off site from Theo. Payne Foundation’s property.   And just about everyone had a million questions, not only about lawns but weeds, irrigation and other pesty problems as well.


So it made it a little bit difficult for Steve to stick to his presentation, as he kept answering  questions from the audience.   And I did the best that I could with my notes, but at times it was confusing and now looking at them, I’m wondering what I meant when I was writing them down. 


Just keep in mind, that I’m not an expert and I’m learning, too.  But hopefully, the reader will get something of value out of this.

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1 Rob 01.22.09 at 6:42 pm

I have been reading your blog and enjoying your passion for the native plants in Southern Cali. I am organizing a series of environmentally based lectures for the gallery I work at and was looking for insight in to people who lecture on topics regarding native plant gardening. I thought you might have some suggestions of locals I might contact.

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