Lawn Removal Methods

by Lorraine on September 3, 2008

Previously I mentioned that I had attended a lecture on how to remove a lawn prior to installing a Native plant garden and that there are four methods to do this.   My notes are a bit weak and not very detailed but I think the reader will get the general idea.

The speaker said that the best time to remove a lawn is in the summer before the Fall/Winter planting season.   And he feels that the best method is mechanical but it does takes quite a bit of physical labor, so be prepared for a workout.

Here are the four methods that he discussed:


  • Chemical Means (Herbicides, etc.)
  • Layering (Lasagne Method)
  • Solarizing
  • Mechanical Means


The first method is pretty obvious.  Kill it with herbicides, in other words, RoundUp but be sure to follow the directions and don’t overdose!   I had the typical Bermuda lawn with a really, really thick thatch because it was an old and established lawn.     and because of this, I was very concerned about how deep the roots were and that it might be impossible to permanently eliminate it.

I wasn’t aware of any other methods to get rid of it, so my contractor simply sprayed it with RoundUp, killed it and then I had to water it to bring it back up again for another dose of the chemical.   This was done about three times before we felt that it had been effectively removed.

Using chemicals will also eliminate any invasive weeds or plants but you have to be careful about accidentally spraying , (Opps!) any other plants in the area that you wish to keep.   And of course, you are using a product that is not environmentally friendly.

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