Removing the Lawn II

by Lorraine on September 4, 2008

Previously I listed four ways to do this and one of them is laughingly referred to as the “Lasagne”  method.  Apparently this works really well but you might create enemies with your neighbors because your yard is going to look really trashy for a while.


The technique is kind of interesting and certainly very safe for the environment, but it involves layering cardboard and newspapers that have been soaked.   You place this mess over your lawn and then cover it all up with mulch.


You have to keep it damp and anything that is under this mess, is doomed.   The grass and weeds will all die and it may take as little as a few weeks or up to four months!   By which time, you have probably been cited by your community for having an unsightly debris pile in your front yard and every stray cat in the area has visited it for potty purposes.


If you have really hard soil, Steve suggested that some gypsum be spread on the dirt prior to making your “lasagne”receipe.   This will help break it up a bit quicker.


So if you, your spouse  (If you remain married during this period of time.) and your neighbors can stand looking at this, you will most certainly kill your lawn but the downside is, you will also have very rich, soil.   And what’s wrong with that?


The answer is, Native plants generally do not like soil that is rich and typically what will happen is that they will grow to be very big, very fast.   And then speed through their life cycle quicker and then before you know it, you’re replacing them.


You may want to investigate this method but not now.   It’s already too late in the year and if you decide to go this route, you won’t be able to install your plants this winter.   You would have to wait until next year.

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