When it All Started

by Lorraine on August 9, 2008

Placing the plants in their purposed locations.

Placing the plants in their purposed locations.

The installation for the garden started in November 2007 and after hours and hours of labor during November and December, with trying to lie out the design, placing plants, making “gopher cages” adnausm, working in the rain and blowing Santa Ana winds….it was complete.
And just before Christmas.   It was madness with tying to get everything done before the Holidays as both Deena and I were traveling out of town to see our families.   My gardner, Rigo, helped us and I know that he thought that we were insane!   What in the heck was “she doing”, he thought, but he was too polite to say anything.   He just went along with it and helped with a number of things. 

On a particularly rainy day and well after sunset, the three of us moved a huge mound of shredded bark and placed it around all of the plants. Mind you, it was raining pretty hard and it was very messy work.   But it had to be done, as we were running out of time before we both left town. 
 Somehow we managed to complete just about everything and Rigo took care of the rest while I was gone, which consisted of planting the Seaside Daisies.   He told me recently that he really didn’t understand my plan and wondered just how this garden was going to look!   Now he tells me how much he loves it and he’s really surprised at how it turned out.
I am “double-spacing” between three paragraphs, so that it’s not one longggggggg post.   But obviously I’m doing something wrong as you can see.   I’ll learn….
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