Native Plants V.S. Holly Plants

by Lorraine on September 18, 2008

June 2nd. ’08 

“It’s” bacccccckkkkkk!!!!  The d**** Holly.   I found that it was sprouting again last week and Rigo  dug it up again but we didn’t see another shoot that was underneath the Santa Cruz Island Poppy bush, (Dendromecon harfordii).   It was lurking, hiding and being sneaky!


I am soooooooo mad and frustrated with this ongoing problem.   So I soaked the area with water and I attempted to dig it out but it turned into more of a job than I expected.   It was beyond my scope and my strength to tackle this.   I needed help once, again from Rigo.


It’s a pretty good size root, probably about 2″ to 3″ inches in diameter AND part of it is running right underneath the Quail Bush (Atriplex lentiformis)!!!!  Now I’m really concerned about getting it out.   I’m afraid that I might have to remove it to get to the roots from the Holly bush.   And now that Summer is approaching, this could really be bad news for the bush, as it’s barely established and could die if I have to move it temporarily in order to reach the Holly roots.


It’s a beautiful bush and doing very well in it’s location.  I called Rigo and explained that now there is even a bigger root to deal with and told him that unfortunately it’s located in a really bad spot.   He will be coming over tomorrow to dig it up.   In the meanwhile, I had the “brilliant” idea to take a sharp knife and scrape three sections of it and then I carefully applied RoundUp.

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