Sages, Salvias and Gardening

by Lorraine on September 21, 2008


Yes, I know that I’m not posting in “current”, time.   I’m still trying to catch up to the present, but I was writing notes on the garden from the very beginning, not knowing at the time that I would create a blog.   I will keep posting them until I get caught up but sometimes I will write what’s going on in the garden in “real time” as well.

I was at a class a few days ago that was offered by the Theodore Payne Foundation on Salvias, otherwise know as sages.   The speaker was Bart O’Brien who is the Dir. of Horticulture and Curator of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont, CA.   The class was really great, but more of that in a moment or two. 

I wanted to get his advise on my Holly bush dilemma and he said that probably the RoundUp isn’t working because of the waxy service on the leaves…oh…why didn’t I think of that?   In other words, the chemical can’t penetrate the leaf!   He suggested using a soapy wash first, then applying the RoundUp afterwards.   So, in lieu of doing that, I thought, “What the heck”? 

As long as the “juice” can’t get past the waxy barrier on the leaves, I’ll just put it directly on the roots.  Aha!  I’m thinking that I may have finally solved the problem and at last I’ll get rid of the plant.  So, we’ll just see what happens after I attempt this latest maneuver. 

Do you want to know about sages and Salvias?   Hang on, the next several posts will be sharing what I learned.   And it’s amazing just how many varieties of Salvias there are, more than I ever realized.

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