Native Plant Gardens in the News

by Lorraine on October 8, 2008

In this morning’s edition of the Ventura County Star newspaper, is an article on me and my garden.   The reporter met with me a couple of weeks ago and prior to that a photographer came out and took quite a few pictures of the garden.

If you wish to read the article go to: and then to the Arts & Living Section.  

Overall, I feel that the article is very good, however the reporter certainly didn’t need to mention my age!   But, I guess I shouldn’t care.   I look pretty darn good, don’t you think?  

I feel that, that’s because I do quite a bit of exercising, hiking and doing trail maintainence with the Forest Service, eat right and maintain a good attitude, although sometimes that can be a challenge!

But especially having my beautiful garden as  a place to hang out, unwind and have a glass of wine and quiet my thoughts.   Being in my garden brings down any stress that I might be feeling and it just makes the world look a whole lot better.

The reporter mentioned that I water the garden each week but that’s incorrect.   Generally, I run the drip lines about two times a month for an hour.   But it’s very important to be continually checking your plants’ condition to be sure that they are getting enough water in their first year.   Sometimes you have to throw a little extra on some of them if they look like they need it.

If you have any questions for me, I can be reached at:

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