Native Plant Garden in October

by Lorraine on October 18, 2008

I woke up earlier this morning that I wanted to, due to the fact that Chico and Biscuit decided that I had been sleeping long enough and that they were hungry.   I deliberately left their food bowl empty overnight and they weren’t too happy about it. So they punished me by pushing open my bedroom door and forcing me awake and in general, being quite rude.

After feeding them and getting a cup of coffee, I wandered out into the garden.   It was a beautiful morning and the sun was just starting to raise upon the horizon, shedding a soft, beautiful light on the low hanging clouds.  I sat down in a chair, inhaled the fresh smell of sage and absorbed the beauty and peace of the morning and my native plant garden.

I’m a 3rd. generation Californian and grew up in the area, so I’m very aware of the subtle changes in our seasons, unlike those who were born elsewhere.   Southern California, in spite of how the rest of the world sees us, isn’t all about beaches, sunny days and no seasons.   We have them and to me they are quite obviousl 

Fall is actually my favorite time of the year because I love all of the vibrant warm colors that you see on the trees.  The air is cooler during the day, the nights chillier and there is a certain warmth and softness to the sunlight that seems to make everything clearer and sharper in appearance.

The garden is now in transition from Summer to Fall and then of course, moving towards Winter.   Most of the plants have stopped blooming, other than the Wooly Blue Curls and soon I will be doing some garden maintenance.  The colors in the garden, are now more gray and green but display various shades of color throughout and look very beautiful.

As I was looking at the garden, I could sense the nuances of Fall, the air was cool, the sky an amazing blue and the softness of the clouds shining in lovely shades of blue, gray, gold, peach and yellow, make me feel so appreciative of my life and glad that I created my garden.

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