It’s Now March

by Lorraine on August 15, 2008

I can’t believe how quickly the time flew since we completed the garden and it’s already March!  The plants are really starting to take off and seem to be doing very well with the exception of some of the Sticky Monkey Flowers.  I bought several of these plants but some of them weren’t much more than sticks at the time and now they don’t seem to be doing too well.   But the other varieties of Monkey Flowers have thrived.

One of the Douglas Iris’ died too but essentially, that’s been the total mortality rate.   I was quite concerned that more plants would die, as the soil is rather heavy and doesn’t drain very well.   The other concern would be gophers and rabbits but they haven’t been a problem, either.

The Bermuda lawn has not re-appeared but what is surprising is the Holly bush.   There were two large ones under the windows and they have been very persistent in growing back.   I have to constantly watch for new shoots coming up and then, they have to be dug up.

Many plants are blooming right now.   Bush Daisies, Pentensoms, Blue-Eyed Grass, Santa Cruz Island Poppy, Wooly Blue Curls, Mallows, Mock Orange, Desert 4 O’Clock and of course, CA Poppies.   Most of them are orange and spread over a section of the garden but there is also a hi

Iris douglasiana

Iris douglasiana

-bred variety, that is pinkish to blueish.   Oh!   I almost forgot!!!   Coyote Mint and I love that fragrance….it’s wonderful!

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