Native Garden and the Summer

by Lorraine on October 31, 2008

This post is about last June, so hang in there reading it, as I’m catching up to the present.  Gardening with California Native plants has been such a pleasure and everyday I’m observing the garden and looking at it as it develops and grows.

As we head into Summer (it’s now June) and eventually higher temperatures, the garden will be tested to see how well it does.   It will need to have supplementary irrigation but at the same time, I have to be very careful that the plants are not over watered or I can end up killing them due to root rot.

Bart said it’s best to just “eye ball” the plants and see which ones might be struggling with stress and be sure to give any plants that look like they are having any difficulties, extra water.

CA. Native Plants in June

CA. Native Plants in June

Having this new garden is quite a learning experience for me, since native plants are totally different in their requirements to grow and thrive.   But it’s a  lot easier than maintaining a big lawn with big water bills and having to maintain it to keep it green and healthy.

I love my garden and everything about it.   Now it’s just getting through the first Summer.

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