Gardening in the Hot, Hot Summer

by Lorraine on November 3, 2008

It’s now June 18th. and we are experiencing an early heat wave and it’s unbearably HOT!   I’m nervous about my garden being able to withstand this heat.   It’s actually 102 degrees and for June in southern California, that’s not normal.   Typically the months of May and June are foggy, gray, dreary and quite gloomy.

Is it a reaction to global warming?  I’m keeping a close eye on my plants in the garden and doing any extra watering that might be necessary, but so far all of the plants seems to be doing fine.

But that’s not Chico’s experience.   Being a cat with a fur coat and a bit plump as well, he’s not doing too well with this heat.   As you can see from his expression, he’d rather be somewhere else where’s it’s cooler.

I'm too hot!

I'm too hot!

I haven’t seen the Quail lately and I assumed that they had moved on and into the brush on the hillsides.   But, I guess due to the heat and lack of water, they showed up in the garden the other day.   They appeared in the evening and went right over to the dish that I keep filled with water.

They sat on the edge of it, dipped their peaks into the water and happily slurped away.   Do birds, slurp?

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