Summer and it’s Really HOT!

by Lorraine on November 10, 2008

Yes, I know that I’m just now posting this in November, but I’m still trying to bring the blog up to this time and I’m just now going to write some things from this past Summer.   Eventually, I’ll be current!

It has been very, very hot these last few days and for June, it’s just plain, weird.   We don’t often have this kind of heat so early in the Summer but I’m keeping an eye on my plants, making sure that they are okay with the burning sun and giving them extra water.

The  Whirly Blue sage (Salvia), appears to be winding down on  blooming and the Monkey Flowers (Scrophulariaciae) are still going strong.   All of the Penstemons (Scrophulariaceae) continue to bloom as well and so does the Indian mallow (Mimulus longif) and the Coyote Mint (Mondardella villosa), one of my favorites.   It really smells awesome, with a wonderful minty aroma!

I have to say, that the Monkey Flowers and the Penstemons have been amazing.   The have been blooming since last December (2007) and they don’t show any signs of quitting anytime soon.

Rigo didn’t show up to deal with the roots from the Holly bush and I wonder what has happened to him.   I hope that he’s okay, as this is very unusual not to hear from him when I need his help.   But I did spray some RoundUp (I hated using it) on the section of the root that I scraped at a bit and I’m hoping ( ha, ha) that, that will finally solve the problem of its persistent presence in my garden.

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