A Native Garden in a Heat Wave, “Ouch”!

by Lorraine on November 11, 2008

It’s now June 21st. and it’s unbearably HOT!   It’s been extremely hot for the last two days; one day it actually hit 111 degrees!   What is this?   Death Valley?   As I mentioned in the other two posts, June is never, ever like this in southern California.   Usually it’s overcast and gloomy, so this heat is really odd for us to have.   An effect of global warming, perhaps?

The garden is taking quite a hit but I’m keeping a very, very close eye on the plants to be sure that they don’t stress out too much.   This is the garden’s first summer and this is a very critical event for it to have to endure so early in it’s life.   It is so hot out here, that my south facing front door’s handle, can’t even be touched without getting burned.

Chico & Biscuit in the Garden

Chico & Biscuit in the Garden

I’ve been told that Native plant gardens need to experience two full cycles of seasons to be considered “established”.   But these extremely high temperatures,  really have me worried and I’m quite concerned that some of my plants might die if this continues for another day or two.

Looking at the watering schedule the other day, I realized that other than putting some extra water on some individual plants, I actually hadn’t run the drip system for a month but the garden seemed to be doing fine anyway but I should be paying more attention to the garden’s overall condition.

With this incredible heat, I knew  that I’d better be getting some water on the plants, so I ran each of the four drip lines for an hour a piece.   And I also dumped buckets of water on plants that I felt were particularly stressed.

For the time being, everything seems fine.

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