“Wild Gardens”

by Lorraine on November 12, 2008

I just received the following message from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden regarding a new public television series on wildflowers that are found in California!   It sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous series and you can be sure that I’ll be tuned into it or at least recording it.

I completed some additional planting in my garden the other day but I still need to pick up some other things for a different area that I want to concentrate on, as last year I didn’ have the time to get to it.

But, speaking of wildflowers, I purchased enough seed from the Theodore Payne Foundation to cover 6,ooo sg. feet.   Yeah, I know it’s crazy but I’m just going to toss them in my backyard which looks pretty bad and see what comes up next Spring.

I love surprises!   And be sure to check out the “Wild Garden” series on KVCR-TV.

KVCR-TV, Public Television of San Bernardino is pleased announce the premiere of “Wild Gardens”, it can be seen Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and again on Sunday afternoons at 12:30pm starting November 26th and running for 6 months.  In Southern California you can view KVCR-TV on Channel 24 (Satellite) and Channel 19 (Cable).  Here is a brief description of the show:
What is “Wild Gardens”?
Documentary style Television Series in 13 episodes; it brings the viewer to lush lavish environs in our unique Macro-video style.  Our first episodes take the viewer to a variety of remote areas of Southern California …”Wild Gardens” is a series about wildflowers in California.  The first 13 episodes take place in here in our “backyard”.  The program is entertaining, educational, and environmentally relevant.
We start off in our beautiful local deserts and travel to our majestic foothill and mountain areas.  “Wild Gardens” is filmed locally and it has been referred to as a travel-log “road trip” giving the audience an awareness of this beautiful landscape; from a ‘bee’s eye’ view.  Steve Boyd, Curator of the Herbarium and Field Botanist of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden has said, “you make the native plants of our region accessible to all viewers.”  Kenn Couch, Station Manager of KVCR-TV, considers it one of the most premier programs they have ever launched!
Hosted by Martin Hale, Local Naturalist & Historian
Original Symphonic Style Musical Score
Needless to say we are very excited to have the opportunity to bring our vision to reality and share what we believe is one of the most lavish gifts that nature offers up;  Wildflowers…showcased in their native habitats of California.  This is only the beginning; KVCR-TV our presenting station has asked that we do a second season, we will be going to Death Valley in the east traveling to the Monterey Peninsula in the west for season two. 
You will be able to preview “Wild Gardens” episode one, Anza-Borrego Desert; tonight November 12th, and repeating Sunday the 16th @ 12:30pm.  
Please join us on our journey through the “Wild Gardens” of Southern California. You can click on this link for more information: 
Thanks so much.
Vicki S. Hale
Wilderness Film Images
“Wild Gardens” coming to you this fall from KVCR-TV
Lake Arrowhead, California
www.wildflowersvideo.com Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
(909) 625-8767 x258

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