Fuchsia or Zauschneria

by Lorraine on November 18, 2008

There were a number of plants that needed some pruning in the garden and I decided that I would spend time in it this past weekend and do a bit of cleaning up.   It’s starting to get close to the time of the year when it will be necessary to prune back the Sages/ Salvias and also the California Sunflowers, ( Asteraceae) and other plants as well.  So I  decided to enjoy the beautiful Fall day and get started on some of these things that needed my attention!

But what really needed to be cut back, were the Fushsia’s.  The Hummingbirds favorite plant and the one that many turf battles were fought over all Summer long.   They were looking very done in.   Other than a few remaining flowers on some of them, the plants were finished for the year and it was time to clean them up.

The pruning instructions  said to cut them back hard, to one or two inches from the base of the plant.   They also said to do this after the first or second year after planting but I felt that I didn’t want to wait another year to do this, because they really looked messy and not very attractive.

I also decided to severely cut back one of the four California Sunflower plants (Encelia californica) and also  one Tarweed plant (Asteraceae Madia elegans) not a favorite of mine next to one of the Canyon Prince Wild Rye grass (Leymus condensatus).

The Canyon Prince is a strikingly beautiful looking grass, with upright stems that have grass seeds on the end of each one.   It’s a great treat for the birds and I really love how this grass looks in my garden.   I’ll probably yank out the Tarweed bush to give the it more space to grow and expand.  

There are a few things still blooming in the garden and one of them is a  Wooly Blue Curl.  As tough as these plants are supposedly to grow, I’ve had great success with them and it’s been quite surprising.

 Here’s a promised photo of one blossom!

Now that I’ve cleaned out the Fuchsias, the front of the garden looks a bit empty, but the new sages will continue to grow and fill in the area and I will throw out some wildflower seed to fill in the empty spaces.   And Poppies are already starting to grow again too, but this time I won’t let them overwhelm any of the other plants like they did this past Spring.

Native Plant Garden in November

Native Plant Garden in November

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