It’s Still Hot in the Garden

by Lorraine on November 19, 2008

During the month of June we were cooking in unseasonably high temperatures here in southern California and my new Native plant garden was being tested for it’s ability to survive in such conditions.

The following are my comments during this period of time!

My next door neighbor has a very large Liquid Amber tree in their front yard and usually about 12:30 in the afternoon it begins to cast a shadow over the garden.

When I first put in my garden last Winter and the tree was without any leaves on it, having the sun shine on it all day long was good.   But I was wondering how my garden would do in the Summer if there was too much shade from this tree and if it might create a problem if the plants didn’t get enough sunlight.

Now I’m thinking that it actually protected my plants from too much sun in the worst part of the day.  And what’s interesting, is that a Whirly Blue sage that received more shade than another one, has done much better and continues to bloom.

The Mockingbird fledglings that were in a nest located in my backyard have been on their own for the last several days, squawking and making very noisy, “I’m hungry” sounds.   I kept the Gang of Three inside the house, even though the Mom Cat (Sparkle) was really pestering me to go outside.

Sparkle in the Garden

Sparkle in the Garden

I kept her in because of the birds but also because of the heat.   She certainly didn’t know how hot it was and with her black fur coat, it would be really uncomfortable and more than just a bit warm for a kittycat.



I took off the lids from a couple of trash barrels and filled them with water and I placed them in the backyard for the birds and local squirrels so that they had something to drink while it’s so hot.   I’m sure that this heat wave will be ending soon and then it’s back to cooler weather and gray skies.

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