Winter Rain

by Lorraine on December 15, 2008

Southern California has the reputation of always being sunny.   But that’s not entirely, true.  We do have Winter here and sometimes it can be very rainy and cold.   Of course, “cold” is different depending on where you live and it certainly would be considered mild  here in California.

We had our first winter storm arrive and it rained steadily all night long.   It’s chilly for us, in the low 50’s and I’ve heard that the snow level might be as at 2500 feet.   That means to me, that the brush clearing that I just did on a trail for the Forest Service last week, is now covered in snow.   Here’s a photo of the area and I’m sure that it doesn’t look like this now!

Upper Sespe Wilderness

Upper Sespe Wilderness

The garden looks awesome and all of the flower seeds that I scattered in it a few weeks ago, are coming up.   The bare areas between some of the plants, now have a little carpet of green sprouts and I’m wondering how it’s going to look next Spring and this rain is just what the garden needed.

I scattered a whole bunch of seeds in the backyard a couple of weeks ago.   This was a lot of work to do but I couldn’t stand how crummy it looked, so I went after it with a hoe and turned almost all of the soil over and hacked my way through the patches of Bermuda lawn, too.



I’m wondering where I got the energy to do this, since the day before I had been doing brush clearing along a trail in the Sespe Wilderness.   But I really wanted to get this done before I missed the winter rains.   It’s not perfect, no landscaping or walkways or other things to make it beautiful but it will certainly look better than it does now.

I’m really looking forward to see what happens in the next few weeks.   With the rain and some sunny days, the backyard should end up looking amazing next year.

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1 Brent 12.17.08 at 5:41 pm

Nice blog! I’m looking forward to the coming rainy season and also to catching up on your older posts.

You mentioned that you scattered seed – I assume it was native? What was the mix?

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