Gophers and Chewing Gum

by Lorraine on December 19, 2008

I wanted to follow up on my gopher story and making cages to prevent them from getting to the roots of my plants, with a rather unusual method of getting rid of the little varmints.

Last Summer when I was pursuing the plants at the Theo. Payne Foundation in Sylmar, the topic of gophers came up.   My neighborhood has always had what seemed like an abundance of them plus ground squirrels, probably because I’m right next to the hills.

Frankly, I didn’ care whether or not if they were in my yard, since it wasn’t particularly lovely and certainly wouldn’t be a “featured” garden in Sunset Magazine (A fav of mine).   But once the garden was in, I felt a whole lot differently about the little buggers.

A woman at the nursery told me about using chewing gum to eliminate gophers.   It seems that you take a piece of gum (She suggested Wrigley’s, dunno why), chew it briefly and then place it in the gopher’s hole.

Apparently they will attempt to eat it but unfortunately, it gets stuck (I guess) in their teeth and they can’t swallow it.  The outcome should be pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Wow, seems kinda cruel but I have had other people tell me the same thing.   I’d really rather not do that.   Maybe Sparkle will continue to catch them, that seems more normal and natural.

And yes, it’s still cold here.   The water in the bird bath was frozen this morning.

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1 becka glass 02.09.18 at 11:39 am

Gophers and chewing gum…
Take a stick of juicy fruit gum twist the gum a couple of times , find the runway tunnel by using a stick or probe into the soft dirt near the entrance of the mound , push the gum into the hole the gopher is attracted to the gum and will eat the gum. Pocket gophers can not diguest gum and will die from ingesting the gum. I heard this from a pest control company years ago its an alternative when you have pets in your yard and you don’t want to use a poison for riding your yard of gophers
It works well I have used this method…..B.Glass

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