Wildflowers for the Neighborhood

by Lorraine on December 20, 2008

Okay, I did it, I spent the afternoon sowing enough wildflower seed to cover 3,000 sq. feet along a bare area on the street that intersects with the street that I live on.  

I had originally purchased two 1/4 lb. bag of seeds for my backyard and of course, I had too much seed so I decided that I would spread it along an undeveloped dirt area on a street in my neighborhood..  There aren’t any homes one side of the street and it just backs up to the hillside and an arroyo, making it perfect for the flowers.

The package included (Naturally) California Poppy, Globe Gila, Bird’s Eye Gilia, Tidy Tips and Wild Heliotrope.   This is the same mixture that I spread in my backyard a couple of weeks ago and I’m feeling a bit concerned that I’m not seeing any sprouts as of yet.   I sure hope that the seeds start to come up soon.

I gathered up my wheel barrel, a bucket to mix the seeds in with dirt, a shovel and a rake.   No Merlot.   I trundled over to the end of the block and proceeded with my version of Johnny Appleseed.   Since we had just had some rain, the condition of the soil was perfect and very easy to dig and cultivate.

I felt a bit envious that it was so good and very loamy, unlike the heavy stuff that I have in my garden.   But there were a few tough spots and quite a bit of raking to remove some pine needle duff.   One neighbor said he’d help me, but he had other projects going on and other than that, no one really said anything to me.

The seeds were placed on the right side of the street.

The seeds were placed on the right side of the street.

But I did get a few funny looks and I was starting to think of myself as being a bit eccentric and strange, but then, who cares?   The area is going to be stunning next Spring and I know that the entire neighborhood is going to love it.

I’m not a good judge of distance, but I’m guessing that the length of the street where I spread the seeds, is at least 1,000 feet. but I’m not sure.   The photo doesn’t show the entire distance, it’s quite longer than what can be seen here.  And yes, the “blob” in the tree that you see in the picture, is Mistletoe. 

I was really done in by time I completed the job but happy.  And I was thinking what a great workout I had and due to my efforts, I should be entitled to a large serving of Egg Nog with a hefty dose of Capt. Morgan’s Spiced Rum!

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