New Years Day

by Lorraine on January 5, 2009

As usual, I’m finding it difficult to believe that a year has just disappeared, again.   Boy, it’s quite a reminder for me not to waste anytime in moving forward in my personal goals but to keep focused and not distracted.

The garden certainly isn’t concerned about the fact that a year has passed since its inception, as it just growing and developing into a place of beauty and refuge.  If gardens were able to think, I guess their only concern would be water and pests and luckily for mine, that isn’t an issue.  The gophers seem to be spending their time in my backyard, not the front.

I spent New Years day in it and as usual for the New Year here in southern California, it was beautiful.   When the football game ends at the Rose Bowl and the television camera pulls back, showing the San Gabriel Mountains and how beautiful it is here in the Winter, I just know that every person who’s dealing with snow in other parts of the country, wants to move here.

Typically, New Years Day is clear with beautiful skies but trust me, smog is a very big issue.   There are some days when it would be difficult to see the mountains and the San Garbriel Valley can be very hot in the summer.  But if you happen to be tuned in on the Game, you’d think that, that’s the way it is all the time.

New Years Day in the Evening

New Years Day in the Evening

I love being in the garden and for the day, I just did some trimming here and there and pulled out some of the small poppy plants that have come back like weeds.   I have learned that seeding poppies wasn’t such a great idea for the garden and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.   They have come back in spades and I’ve found some seedlings in the dry stream bed and in areas where I don’t want them to grow.

I love their orange color and they are the state flower, but I can see that they can be a problem with their aggressive and invasive behaviour.   Some are even coming up in the cracks in the sidewalk but I don’t think they will last long in such a spot.  They won’t get any water there unless it rains and I’m not going to be helping them out because I don’t want them to spread!

I can see it all now.   The entire neighborhood will become covered in poppies.   Maybe that won’t be so bad, huh?

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