My New Native Plant Garden Blog

by Lorraine on August 6, 2008

It was only recently that I decided to create a blog for my garden, so you will find that the first entries that are written were done in March but cover the beginning of the garden in the Fall of ’07 and will bring the reader up to the present.   This will be about my own learning experience, since I know next to nothing about native plants, and it will be a narrative about the garden and I what I learn along the way as we grow together.

I have a very curious mind concerning the natural world and try to stay somewhat informed about many topics concerning environmental issues, wildlife and the care and love of our planet.   If you have something that you’d like to share with me, please send it over!

And if I find a topic or subject that I feel is particularly interesting and pertains to nature, etc. I’ll probably post that as well.   You can be sure to expect something from my U.S. Forest Service volunteerism and the Sespe Sisters.  Read my background tab first and then meander through the garden and feel free to send this site to your friends!

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