Blue Eyed Grass and Scarlet Monkey Flower

by Lorraine on January 27, 2009

A few days ago I discussed what was currently blooming in the garden but I didn’t have any pictures to share at the time.   I mentioned that the Blue Eyed Grass and a Scarlet Monkey Flower were blooming and I’ve since taken a couple of pictures of them to post.

The Monkey Flower is in a container and seems to be doing very well in it’s location.   I really enjoy it’s vibrant orange-red color and needless to say, so do the Hummingbirds, as they visit it on a regular basis.

Scarlet Monkey Flower

Scarlet Monkey Flower

This is the only one that I have right now but I do have other varieties of Monkey Flowers in the garden.   None of them are blooming at this time but I know that within a month or two they probably will be.

The ones in the garden are either orange or yellow and they bloomed from Spring right up into Summer last year, until it became too hot.  I”m looking forward to seeing how many flowers they will have this year because they have grown larger since I originally planted them and should put on quite a show.

Here’s a photo of one of the Blue Eyed Grass plants.   I’m guessing that I have about 25 of them either near the walkway and scattered in other parts of the garden.   I love the soft violet color and the flowers are on long stems and tend to bloom for a long period of time.

Blue Eyed Grass

Putting in my garden was a large expense for me but having it to enjoy everyday, has been priceless.   With all the difficulties that people are experiencing at this time, at least I have the opportunity to go into my garden and temporarily tune out the world’s difficulties.

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