Raining Today

by Lorraine on February 9, 2009

At last, southern California is finally receiving some rain.   Not a lot and it certainly won’t fix our drought problems but it’s better than nothing.

Our weather the last month has been warm and Spring” like and very beautiful.   While the rest of the country was freezing, we were having balmy temperatures and sunny days that were georgous.  But most definitely, not normal for January.

The plants in my garden have been confused about this and many of them have started to bloom prematurely when it’s too soon for them to do so.   All of the Sages/Salvias have flowers as well as the Wooly Blue Curls, the Mallows and the Santa Cruz Island Poppy.

Bulbs are coming up and there are many wild flower seedlings coming up too.   The Poppies are relentless in their determination to take over the garden and I’m just as determined that they won’t.   Boy, they have turned into a problem.

Only plant California Poppies where you can allow them to spread.   A hillside would be perfect for this horde of invaders.   They are beautiful and I love their orange color but don’t mix them into your garden or you will have difficulties keeping them in control.

The garden looks beautiful and is very green and in the rain it looks particularly stunning.   The forecast is for this storm to end by tomorrow and then another one should be coming in off of the Pacific ocean later in the week.

I hope that this is just the beginning of many more storms to come.  I’ll post some pictures later on as I’ve had computer problems for the last two weeks and the one that I’m using at this time is a “loaner”

When I have my new one, then I’ll be up to speed and write more frequently and add some photos, too.

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1 Brent 02.17.09 at 2:25 pm

I’m enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for writing about your gardening struggles – it gives me encouragement to know others are working on the same issues as I am.

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