July in 2008

by Lorraine on February 18, 2009

The Sticky Monkey Flowers ( Mimulus Scrophulariaceae) have changed in their appearance.   They are winding down  and not flowering as much as they were previously and their leaves are starting to look yellow.   Should they have some nitrogen, I’m wondering?   The answer is “no”, they are just preparing themselves for Summer.

I referred to the book California Native Plants for the Garden and read that if you trim them back a bit in May or June, they might produce more flowers depending on the whatever conditions the garden is experiencing at the time.

So I decided to do that with the hope that they would continue to bloom. These flowers are considered to have many uses in a garden and interestingly enough,  they are somewhat deer-proof and generally ignored by rabbits and ground squirrels, which is a good thing if you’re sharing your garden with them.

The book also mentioned that they tend to live very a long time and that on the average, they will live for 2-5 years before they would have to be replaced.  The Wooly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum) are a more delicate native to plant and they  have a rather short life span but they have done very well in my garden and they are one of my favorite plants.

I’m a bit anxious about making a mistake with any of the plants when it comes to trimming but I went ahead and did it anyway and removed the stems from the ones that had spent blossoms.  A also trimmed the Wooly Blue Curls while I was at it, as they looked a little needy.

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