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by Lorraine on February 22, 2009

July 2008

I just received a copy of the Theodore Payne Foundation’s newsletter and devoured it.   There is a list of up coming classes to take and articles on various topics concerning Native plants which is exciting stuff to me.  But what I found to be quite helpful, was the garden guide and what plants may need some maintenance and attention in the middle of Summer

Obviously there are hints on watering, weeding and even planting some species such as riparian and desert plants without worrying too much about them.   It seems a  bit odd to be planting in the middle of Summer, since that’s not usually when it’s done but these plants are obviously an exception.

But what I’m paying attention to is the instructions about pruning and mulching.   They say to deadhead sage flowers back by one-third, which surprised me a bit.  It seems to me, that that’s too much to take off this time of the year.

I’m thinking about what Bart O’Brian had said about pruning them in the Winter and I’m a little concerned about removing the dead flowers at this time year.   What if I trim them too much?   And the directions, also say to remove any spent flower stalks from Penstemons ( Which I had been doing all along, anyway), so at least I wasn’t worried about that!

I don’t have too many sages (Salvia) that are large other than two Whirly Blues.   One of them receives more sun light than the other one and it has almost completed blooming.  It is now starting to drop some of its leaves as it is adjusting the the hotter days, which is completely normal.  I trimmed off all or most of the stems that had dead flowers on it and left the other plant untouched, because it’s too soon to do any trimming on it as it isn’t ready.

All in all, I spent about three hours in the garden.   And it was pure pleasure, especially inhaling the fragrance of Sage and spending time in the sun and just enjoying myself.

A Native plant garden is pure tonic for the soul.   Peaceful, beautiful and inspiring.

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1 animal house wildlife rescue 03.09.09 at 1:07 pm

HI nice wild garden
photos are great have rattlesnakes in need of native garden home
love and thanks A .B

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