An Exquisite Day

by Lorraine on February 23, 2009

This morning started out with overcast and cloudy skies, resulting in a  little bit of rain.   But later in the morning, the clouds disappeared, it warmed up a bit and turned into an exquisite day.

I had been so busy working, I hadn’t noticed the change until I went outside and discovered how perfectly beautiful it was.   And it still is…..

Skies in the most lovely shade of blue, interspersed with white clouds and a delicately caressing breeze.   I made myself a protein drink and Chico and I went out into the garden to enjoy the weather and see what was going on in it.

Bees are very bizzzzy with their work, flying all over the garden and they have lots of flowers to choose from for their honey making enterprise.   Some of the sages are blooming, the Seaside Daisies are too and I noticed that one of the Monkey Flowers has put out a single bloom from a few days ago.

The California Poppies are right on the verge of exploding into color and I noticed that some of them have buds that are getting ready to bloom and be part of a huge show.   The Poppies have been a bit of a pain, since they have spread into areas where I don’t want them and I’ve thinned them out whenever I felt they needed it.

It was necessary and will continue to be so, as I have to keep them under control.   But it’s laughable to see that some are sprouting in the cracks in the sidewalk and I’m guessing that in the next year or two, some of my neighbors will have Poppies in their yards, too!

I’m beginning to seed a few tiny seedlings coming up from my previous efforts with spreading seeds and there are also a few Baby Blue Eyes blooming too.   It’s about 70 degrees, warm sunshine and a feeling of peace.

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1 Troy 03.01.09 at 4:30 pm

A little goes a long way with poppies. I must have been incredible to see them a few hundred years ago. Can’t wait to see photos of the yard in bloom.

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