Spring in Southern California

by Lorraine on March 17, 2009

I guess I should say, “what Spring”?   Spring may have arrived but it’s a dud this year.   Kaput, nada, uninspiring and nonexistent.   So, what happened?

No rain, that’s what happened.   Yeah we did have some but not enough and if I didn’t water my garden a couple of times a month, it wouldn’t be doing so well.   I have many plants that have started to bloom and it seems to me that each day when I check to see what’s happening, there’s another surprise.

Naturally the Poppies (Arrggg) are quite abundant and beginning to bloom next to the Baby Blue Eyes but I’m not ready to update the blog with pictures just yet , as I want to wait a bit longer until there are more flowers.

I’ve had a bit of a problem with aphids on some of the Sages, which surprises me!   I would have thought that Salvias wouldn’t be bothered by such a little pest.   Where are the Lady Bugs when you need them?

So, Spring is a bust.   There’s barely anything blooming on the hillsides other than grass and tyically we see flowers on the shoulders of the freeway.   All I’ve seen are a few Lupin plants and not much else.

And remember all the seed I scattered in my backyard and along the shoulder of the street in my neighborhood?  Nothing, not much, disappointing to say the least.  However, it was a good workout!

Just not enough rain.   I was in Palm Springs over the weekend, same conditions there.   But I do have a few pictures that I will add in the next blog when I discuss my visit there.

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