Palm Springs

by Lorraine on March 27, 2009

I’m not familiar with the names of the plants in the desert communities and as I mentioned in the previous post,  I was visiting friends that live in Palm Desert and I was looking forward not only to our visit, but seeing the desert in the Spring.

My visit with my friends was great and we had a wonderful time but their were very few flowers in the area and that was disappointing. There has just not been enough rain to support a good wildflower bloom and the usual displays that generally can even be seen along the freeways, were missing too.  The desert was very bare and there wasn’t much to see other than Cresote bushes.   I didn’t even see any Sand Verbena this year and usually you can count on them as well as Desert Dandelions.   But not a flower in sight.

Now I know that you’re thinking that a desert doesn’t have rain anyway, but that’s not true.  Depending on a number of factors of the particular “desert”, some do receive quite a bit of rain and when they do, they can have colossal flower blooms that can take your breath away.  And that happened just a few years ago when we had a great deal of rain during the Winter and that in turned caused what was referred to as the “Bloom of the Century”.   Even Death Valley was covered in flowers and was so spectacular that people by the thousands went there to see this amazing display of wildflowers!

On the Trail.

I believe that the area where Palm Springs is located is considered to be the Lower Colorado Desert.   My friend and I took a couple of hours to hike early in the morning to the top of a low peak with views of the desert looking to the east and it was so beautiful and it felt so good to be outside.

The trail w/Brittle Bush & Asters.

Brittle Bush & Asters

There were some plants here and there that were blooming but not too much.   Mainly what I saw was Brittle Bush which is a type of daisy and I think some Asters  along the edge of the trail.   A few Lupins and some low growing purple flowers that I recognized but  couldn’t recall their name and other than that, nothing else.

Beavertail Cactus

Beaver Tail Cactus

It was a beautiful morning for a short hike and although there weren’t too many flowers, it was still an enjoyable experience being outside and on a trail.   Putting on my hiking boots and heading out to experience nature always makes me happy.

Next up, my own garden.   I’ve got some new pictures to share and comments to make as well.

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