Over the Top in Blooms

by Lorraine on April 8, 2009

I said in a previous post that due to the lack of rain this winter, we are seeing a very low bloom in the local wildflowers.   But, I guess that’s not entirely true, as my friend, Heidi who works for the U.S. Forest Service, sent me these photos taken at Figueroa Mt. in Santa Barbara county, north of Los Angeles.

CA Poppies-Eschscholzia californica

The blue flowers in the foreground are, Lupines but I’m not sure what variety as there are so many of them in the species.   Flowers are blooming a bit later than normal but at least we do have some in the area and even along the freeways, you can see Lupine and Poppies.

What a view!

This last picture of a Lupine is lovely!   I’m so envious of Heidi getting an opportunity to see these flowers and wishing that I had been there, too!

Lupine-Lupinus albifrons

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