Nodding Needle Grass

by Lorraine on April 12, 2009

A reader caught my typo on this native grass…I was  just really tired when I was posting and I’m glad that she saw my mistake.   I love native grasses and I don’t know too much about them, other than there is a huge variety to choose from and one of my favorites is Deer Grass, Muhlenbergia rigens.  

They are a spectacular plant and can grow as high a 5 feet and 6 feet wide.   My garden has four of them, and one in particular has done very well.   I have seen them in the Los Padres Wilderness/Sespe area  and typically I’ve seen them near stream beds They usually can be found grouped together in an area and they are very beautiful.   I guess I should provide a picture of one here in the blog but believe it or not, I haven’t taken any photos of them.

I spent yesterday in the Sespe, helping with a re-route of a trail.  It was a very physically demanding day, cutting brush and creating the tread for a new section of trail and this included moving rocks, too.   The day was perfect and there were many types of flowers and plants blooming and I was constantly distracted by the beauty of the day and checking out the rocks and plants along the trail and in the area.

I’ve taken a number of pictures and in the next few days I will post them, along with their names (if I know them).  It was the perfect day to be outside with a great group of people who all love nature.

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1 barbara 04.23.09 at 10:32 pm

Glad to find your website, and especially pleased to see mention of some of our native grasses. Until recently I worked as Hort. Outreach Coord. for Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. I was always trying to encourage people to get to know and use our native grasses in their gardens. Since I live in the flat part of So. Pas., they are especially well adapted to my loamy soil. I have at least 6 different ones and keep trying more.

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