Middle Lion’s Creek

by Lorraine on April 19, 2009

Last Saturday, nine of us who regularly volunteer with the Forest Service, got together to work on rerouting a portion of trail where a huge sinkhole had developed.   We met in Ojai at the Forest Service office, loaded up the stake bed truck with our tools and four people and then a second truck to carry the rest of us.

We headed out, up Hwy 33 to our destination of Middle Lions campground.   From there we hiked into the canyon, crossed the stream and then onto a connecting trail that runs over to Rose Valley Falls.   The hike in was about 1.5 miles and it was along this portion of the trail where we would be working.

The day was perfect, as you can see form the pictures and all along the trial, there were flowers and plants blooming.   I took many pictures, some didn’t turn out too good but overall most of them show how beautiful the day and the area, was.

The first part of the hike takes place in the canyon, itself and it is filled with Alders and Big Cone Spruce trees like the one in this photo.   There was quit a bit of water coming down the canyon and it was a real pleasure to be hiking near it.

On the first part of the trail, there were several spots where Indian Paintbrush/ castilleja was blooming along the slopes of scree in various shades of red to light orange.

In this photo you can see a Thistle growing just behind them and then it drops off several 100 feet to the creek bed below.   This is one area on the trail that you have to pay attention to your footing or you’re going to end up getting hurt.   FYI; I’m guessing that the elevation is around 3500′ and in the Winter the area does receive snow.

More pictures in the next few days.

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