Lions Canyon Trail/ II

by Lorraine on April 25, 2009

We continued along the trail as it gradually climbed, giving us a beautiful view down into the gorge of Lions Canyon.   I’ve been on this trail many times and it remains one of my favorites in the Sespe area. This day it was a surprise to see how much water was in the creek bed as typically there isn’t too much of it.  It’s difficult to see it in this photo but the water was running very well and much more than I’ve seen in the past.

  This section of the trail is quite narrow and rocky, with a great deal of scree and if you’re not careful and paying attention as you walk along it, you could end up having a fall.   And in this area, that wouldn’t be advisable as it’s a long ways to the bottom, bouncing off of rocks and being impaled by Yuccas along the way to your watery destination below!  

 I saw many patches of Indian Paintbrush, Blue Dicks ( don’t laugh), also know as Wild Hyacinth/Brodiaea pulchella and Chia that happens to be in the Salvia family of Sages and also a member of the Mint family.

I have Chia in my garden and I thought that it was a bit odd, that here I was at an approx. elevation of 3500′ and it was blooming, whereas it wasn’t in my own garden at a lower elevation.  Weird, but in the last few days, I’m seeing it bloom there, too.

Eventually the trail drops down  and intersects with another that comes over some low hills from Rose Valley. And this was where we were heading to work the new section of trail around the sinkhole.   Here is a view, crossing over the creek.

I have more pictures to share and some really great ones of these huge buds coming up from Yucca plants/Yucca Whipplie or the common name, Our Lord’s Candle.  They were everywhere on the connector trail and I’d love to go back sometime in May and see all of them blooming.   It will be spectacular!

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