by Lorraine on April 29, 2009

This morning I saw out of the corner of my eye, a brief movement of pale yellow.   It was in one of the Salt Bushes, underneath the window I was looking out of at the time.   Then all of a sudden, there it was.   A beautiful Swallowtail butterfly.

So delicate in it’s appearance and lovely with it’s black markings, fluttering gently through the garden and then it was gone.

With the arrival of Spring the garden has flourished, all of the plants have grown larger and there are so many blooming that the Hummingbirds have a difficult time choosing which plants to take necter from.   They are so greedy and territorial and will chase each other out of the garden.

I also saw some Lesser Goldfinches, eating small insects off the leaves of the same bush where the Swallowtail butterfly had been and then the Rufus Hummingbirds once again appeared.

Which flower to chose?   The Wooly Blue Curls, the Giant Penstemons, or how about the Mallows?   All were alluring to these “speedsters” as they darted about the garden.

Last year there were a pair of Quail but I haven’t seen any this Spring, much to my disappointment.   But the garden is lovely, tranquil and busy with life.

It is a reminder where life is to be found.   In the “moment” and all around us if we’d just take a deep breath and see it.   With all of the turmoil and suffering throughout the world, a garden and nature are loving antidotes to despair.

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