Lions Canyon III

by Lorraine on May 7, 2009

I thought that I would finally complete this story today, as I’ve been very busy with other things going on and couldn’t seem to get back to this.   And of course, there is always something to say about my native plant garden, too.   But that will have to wait.

After completing the re-route, we gathered up our gear and started to head back out over the same portion of the trail that we used coming into the site.   The day was very beautiful and I lagged a bit because I wanted to take photos of the many plants that had started blooming.  

I already mentioned in a previous post,  how many Yuccas were sending out their buds and I’m guessing that since I saw them, they may have started to flower.   Here is another photo of one, otherwise known as Hesperoyucca whipplei.

Here is a photo looking towards the east, as the trail  climbs slightly, before it gently descends toward Lions Creek down below.

As we were returning along the trail, I happened to notice a number of  Dudleya’s on a steep slope that somehow I managed to miss on the way up.   It was difficult to get very close to them, as they were clustered along an incline that was not only steep, but covered in loose scree.  But I clamored up the slope to get closer and took several photos. 

There were many spots along the trail that had bunches of Indian Paint Brushes (Castiilleja), Chia and also some Blue Dicks, otherwise known at  Wild Hyacinth.   They grow on very long, delicate stems and I couldn’t get a good photo any of them because the kept swaying in the breeze.   But here is another one of the Indian Paint Brushes.

We continued down the trail, crossing the stream several times on our way to the trailhead.  We all felt tired but satisfied with getting the job done and we  were looking forward to sharing some cold drinks and cookies with one another as we loaded up the trucks for the drive back to Ojai.  And in closing, here is a lovely photo to end the day.

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