Taking Time in the Garden

by Lorraine on May 16, 2009

I realized that I’ve been a bit behind in doing some routine garden maintainance  and even though it is a native plant garden, there is still some things that have to be taken care of.

All of a sudden I began to notice how LARGE some of the plants have become and that the earlier bloom was beginning to fade.   Especially the Poppies.   The were looking pretty unattractive, gray, drab foliage and dead branches and leaves under the plants.

I prepared a little bit in advance of pulling them out, because I remembered from last year what a total pain the were.   Very, very tough to pull and the roots on some of them were as long a 8 to 10 inches and I swear they looked like carrots.

I started pouring some water on them over a few days to loosen them up a bit and sure enough, pulling them out this time was quite a bit easier.   There are still some very small seedlings but I know that as things get warmer, they will die out.

The Wooly Blue Curls look awesome and each bush has become fairly large as well as the Sticky Monkey Flowers.  The California Bush Daisy is covered in flowers and I spent a great deal of time deadheading them to make them look better.

It’s hot today but the garden thrives in this kind of weather and I can see that the Fuchsias are getting reading for their vibrant bloom later in the Summer and there is lots of bird activity.

The photo above is of a Mariposa Lily, Calochortus venustus.   They grow from a small bulb and I fell in love with them many years ago when I was hiking the the Los Padres National Forest.  They love the sun and usually can be found in very dry, rocky areas.   They also can be pink or yellow and I love the little delicate “brush” of color on the inside of each petal.

I’ve seen Hooded Orioles, Lessor Goldfinches, House Finches and a Western Tanager has made it’s nest way up at the top of the tree by my kitchen window.   I’m only hoping that when her babies hatch and leave the next, they will land safely in the garden.   I will have to pay close attention when I’m walking around then, so that I don’t accidentally step on one of them.

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