by Lorraine on May 22, 2009

If there is one bird in California that could be considered a “Wall Flower”, it would be the California Towhee, Pipilo crissalis.   Those of us here in California have seen the birds frequently, as they are very common to the area.  But most of us  probably haven’t paid too much attention to them because they are so drab in their homely appearance.

My garden is constantly drawing birds into it to feed and drink and have disputes (Think Hummingbirds) and everyday I’m seeing some sort of drama or just the daily activities they have in feeding, hopping about and flying in and out of the bushes.

Lately there have been two pairs of Towhees and they have attached themselves to the garden because it’s so attractive to birds.   But their little habit of kicking leaves and mulch around to uncover insects is messy.   Along with the Doves, they tend to rummage around on the ground, kicking up whatever is in their way in their dedicated and passionate pursuit of food.

The sidewalk is littered with their diligent efforts in this regard and every day I need to sweep the mulch back into the garden area.   I really don’t mind and I’m happy that they are here and finding food, they just need little brooms to clean up afterwards.

Looking at them a bit closer, I noticed that they are not entirely brown but have a bit of rust coloring under their throats and their voices  are a true “tweet” and I’m not talking about Twitter….  Although I’ve heard them “chirp” as well.

Yes, they are very plain, no color and just kind of a background to other birds who have more going for them.   But maybe the advantage to their plain attire, protects them in some way.

I actually enjoy watching them go about their business but I just wish that they would pick up after themselves.

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