Birds, Bees & A Morning in the Garden

by Lorraine on May 30, 2009

I’m amazed at how much activity is going on in the garden this morning, since it’s not warm or sunny but overcast, coolish and gray.   But for some reason, the birds have been very, very active this morning and I cannot believe how many I’ve seen feeding and flying in and out of the garden.

Whirly Blue Sage/Salvia

Whirly Blue Sage/Salvia

The little Lessor Goldfinches, House Wrens and the beautiful Allens Hummingbird are all in the garden at the same time and it’s funny how they manage not to crash into one another in their crazy, speedy way of flying.   The Hummingbird got very “huffy’ when another one flew into his turf and it was very amusing to see the little dude “stop” in midair, fan how his tail feathers in display of his annoyance and big-time attitude.

The other Hummingbird, sped out of the area, leaving the Allens Hummingbird content with his “win”.   I also saw a Robin that was sitting very, very still on my stone wall as though he was frozen.   I’m thinking what is up with this?   is he okay?   He didn’t move a feather for about 5 minutes but seemed to just be observing the action of all the other birds and then he finally flew to the grown in my neighbor’s yard, looking for worms, hopping about and enjoying himself.

I plan on being in the garden this weekend to do some trimming and other things.   And as always, I look forward to that time.   Spending time in my garden, makes me become part of it and makes life seem so much more beautiful and meaningful.  Too many people have lost touch with the natural world  and I believe that it is essential for our overall well being.

Children in particular seem to be losing this experience as their parents don’t take them camping, hiking or just to the local park.   There is an actual term for this condition and it is called “Nature Deficit Syndrome”.  The first time that I heard this term, it struck me as so true.   I’m very glad that my own grandchildren experience nature with their parents on a regular basis through camping and fishing.

Santa Cruz Island Poppy

Santa Cruz Island Poppy

So get outside away from phones, computers and other electronic devices and renew yourself.  Unplug for the weekend….ha, ha and here I am on the computer but not for long!

Go take a “hike”!

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1 Anna 06.01.09 at 8:42 pm

Since you mentioned NDD, perhaps you would like Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods.

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