Tripping in the Garden

by Lorraine on June 9, 2009

Ouch!   A couple of days ago when I was in the garden, doing some light trimming…I tripped and crashed!   I had been spending the afternoon in it, catching up on a few things that needed to be done, particularly cutting back the spent blossoms on the Penstemon spectbilis…that had been spectacular!

So, I’m doing my “thing”, enjoying the sun the smell of the sage (which is still blooming), checking things out and enjoying my day, when “splat”!

Somehow, as I turned around (mind you, I was holding a knife at the time) on the walkway, my big toe…no laughing here…just managed to clip the edge of one of the steps and with all the grace that I could muster, my body went down.

I’m thinking, cripes!   The knife!   Why can’t I catch myself, I’m not clumsy!   Drat!   Right on top of the India Mallow ( Which is starting to bloom, again) and the Blue Eyed Grass.

Both kneecaps managed to somehow land exactly on the edge of the step at the same time, as my right hip bounced off of the edge of the planter.   I’m laying there, face-down…wondering if I broke anything.

I assumed that since I wasn’t bleeding profusely, I somehow managed not to stab myself during the entire process of wrenching my body as I headed to the ground and in the acquisition of a new variety of bruises.

I’ve survived the experience and hopefully won’t have any kind of repeat of it in the future.   Geez, I felt stupid and I’m only glad that the birds were the only ones to witness my lack of grace.

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