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by Lorraine on June 11, 2009

If you want to learn about native plant gardening in California, become a member of the T.P. Foundation ( And I’m not talking about toilet paper).   I love the nursery and their staff are all very enthusiastic folks who love nature and plants and it’s always a joy to visit it.

Every time I receive a newsletter in the mail, I can hardly wait to read it for the latest news.  It’s filled with great articles about plants, planting and other topics that us “plant” people are nuts about.  Plus there is instruction and advice on seasonal maintenance and other things or what’s going on in the nursery!  

They also send out an e-newsletter that is awesome too and the latest one for May/June  lists events and classes.  But I’m late on getting this out, so one class has already been done but there is another one on June 27th. that could be fun for families & educational as well.

It’s called “Tongva Rope Making & Tools”.   It’s about how the native peoples used Yucca whipplei to create…what else?   Ropes!   I’m sure that this will be a fun and interesting class and the instructor  will most likely be sharing information about the Tongva culture.

An aside:   I think that they also hand carved their boats to do their fishing along the coast.   And they used them to paddle across the channel between the mainland and the Channel islands where they maintained communities.   Now, I’m not sure about this…but I think that it’s correct.

Here’s the website for information:

And yes, my knees are doing better.   I’m still sore from my fall but okay.   I’m looking forward to sharing pictures and comments from last Sat.’s trip to Santa Barbara Island.   One in the Channel Islands National Monument.

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