Hooded Orioles

by Lorraine on June 12, 2009

I had a stressful day today, related to my profession and just when I felt the most discouraged, I looked out the window from my kitchen and what did I see?   A female Hooded Oriole splashing about in the bird bath with such obvious enjoyment and glee.

Then, suddenly her mate was there, too.  Oh my gosh!   He was so beautiful and it’s difficult to explain his coloring other than that it’s stunning!   I stood  by the window, barely moving so as not to startle them and just watched them as they drank and splashed in the water.

Originally I thought that a pair of Western Tanagers had made their nest high up in the tree that is in front of my house.   But I was wrong.   It was the Hooded Orioles instead and I’m wondering if their eggs have hatched yet.

They must have by now but I’m not hearing any “feeding” noises and I’m wondering if the parents have already fulfilled their parental duties and maybe their babies have “flown the roost”.  I’ve been carefully watching where I step in the area  of garden that is just underneath the nest in the tree.  I certainly would be upset if I stepped on one of their babies, but I haven’t seen a thing.

Having a difficult day and then seeing the two of them, so oblivious to the ills of humanity, made up for challenging day and brings me back to the truth only to be found in nature.  The timing was so perfect to see them, just when I needed a sweet antidote to transform my feelings/

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