The Second Summer in the Garden

by Lorraine on June 19, 2009

Sometimes when I’m in the garden, I find it difficult to believe how quickly the time has passed since I first started it in Nov. of ’07.   My gosh!   Now we are going into a second Summer  and I remember being a bit concerned last year about how well it would do with the heat.

So far, our weather has been fairly cool but as we head into July, we should start experiencing higher temperatures, which will mean that I need to pay good attention to my plants and be sure that they aren’t hurting in any way as the weather becomes warmer and dryer.

What totally amazes me, is how big all of the plants have become.   Some of them are huge and when I think back to the time when they were just little one gallon plants, it seems unbelievable how big they have grown and in such a short time!

The lesson is to be sure that you don’t plant them to close together (I did) otherwise you many end up having to remove some of them, which I am faced with now.  I’m not quite sure which ones I will be digging up as of yet, but I know that I will have to make some sort of decision before things get out of hand.

Meanwhile, there is some work to be done in the way of trimming and general cleanup.   Plants that were blooming earlier are now done and need a little attention to spruce them up.   But the garden looks beautiful and everything continues to thrive.

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