Wishful Thinking

by Lorraine on June 27, 2009

Staring with concentrated focus out of the window, I can see his brain “firing”.   His head only moving very slightly and the tail with a slow, wispy movement.   He’s thinking about lizards and birds.

Watching their movements from the other side of the window and only able to dream about pouncing on them, there’s a tranquil acceptance of the circumstances.  He’s powerless, stopped by a window and can only watch with a quiet resignation.

House finches are moving in and out of the Quail Bush and a single lizard is strolling along the rocks in the dry stream bed.  Nature has started to awaken this morning and the garden is slowly coming to life.   Temperatures will be warmer and herald the start of what could be a hot day in southern California.

Native plants can thrive in this situation with some extra watering but in general will not need very much.   I did run two of the irrigation lines this morning in anticipation of a hot day but only for a brief time.   The garden is somewhat established and is prepared for it’s second Summer as it stretches it’s roots, limbs and life.

And Chico?  He watches intently, dreaming dreams of capture but to no avail.   He will have to wait until night, then he can catch all the lizards and birds that his feline heart desires but only in his dreams.

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