Native Grasses

by Lorraine on July 6, 2009

You Know?   There’s something lyrical about tall swaying grass.   Very late in the day, very early in the evening, I watch it sway melodically in the breeze.

Gentle and luminous in the setting sun, it’s hypnotic in it’s movements.   Bunch grass (I think), looking silken and lovely in the descending light as the sun retreats behind the hills in the canyon by my home.

And Biscuit hides, somewhat camouflaged but “seen”.   He’s only kidding himself.   The Siamese coloring only conceals him slightly but the blue of his eyes stare out from his dark face, giving him away.

I'm hiding.


His eyes remain steady, unblinking as he watches…while he remains unmoving.   And the grass sways…. The heads are abundant with seeds, potential for next Spring when I will see them once again.

The grass continue it’s gentle dancing movements, light flickering off each stem, shining in the dwindling light.   The continuity of life.  So ethereal, so perfect.   How will my life have changed by next July?

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