Theodore Payne Foundation Classes

by Lorraine on July 8, 2009

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately on the issue of water here in southern California and the amount that is wasted on the typical landscaped home.   A couple of “posts” ago, I discussed this and the fact that the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District will impose a 15% reduction in water use for citizens in the city of Los Angeles or they will have to pay more money when they receive their water bill each month.

I am very happy about about my decision to rid myself of the lawn that I used to have in my front yard. And it has turned out to be very timely now with the concerns about possible water shortages.   And in light of this  serious topic, I received a newsletter today from the Theodore Payne Foundation about a class that they have scheduled to inform homeowners how to remove their lawn and replace it with native plants!

I’m betting that this will fill up very quickly, so if you want to get on board and make changes in your yard, you need to enroll right away.   I have taken many of their classes and every one of them has been a fun learning experience, plus you then can wander around the nursery and look at the plants and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

The class is offered on several different dates in July and September and in August there will be two other classes on California Native Plant Horticulture!   Both courses are taught by the very knowledgeable, Lili Singer and you will without a doubt, come away informed and excited about native plants and anxious to do your “makeover!

Here’s the contact #  818-768-1802   Or got to their web site:

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