Summertime and it’s Hot!

by Lorraine on July 19, 2009

The other day when I wrote here, I said the I felt that summer had offically arrived.   Well, that was prior to today.   Now I know that it has arrived.   It’s  unbearably hot, so hot that nothing is moving at all.   It’s as though life has stopped and won’t be revived until its cooler.

Now I know that there are other areas that are a lot hotter than Simi Valley, such as the Kalahari Desert or Death Valley here in California, but none the less, it’s extremely hot.  Unless of course, you are at the beach where I was, yesterday…..

I’m not going to even think about doing anything in the garden, other than to check it over this evening and see if I should put additional water on any of the plants.   But again, I repeat here, they are adapted to this kind of toasty weather but you still need to check on their condition and how well they’re doing when the weather is this hot.

Also there is the issue of Rattlesnakes becoming a visitor in the garden on these kinds of days.   When it’s very hot, they will seek out shady areas during the hottest time of the day and also any areas that have some water.   Such as the ceramic dish that  has  water in it and is underneath  an India Mallow making it very convenient for a snake to curl up in for a cool dip.

I’m not going to be sticking my hands under any bushes any time soon and irritate a snake with my intrusion.   Just leave them alone….

One of these days I should buy a “snake picker-upper”,  so that I can move them out of my yard and over to the canyon at the end of my street.  I don’t believe in killing them, they keep the rodents in check and have a purpose in our environment just like all the other critters do.

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1 Pomona Belvedere 07.21.09 at 11:22 pm

My experience with rattlers is that they would just as soon get out of your way. I had a friend who stepped barefoot on one in a path, and it ran away. I found one coiled and rattling (for what reason I don’t know) under a tree near my garden one hot day; it made no moves toward me (although I did stay a few feet away and then leave discreetly). I’ve also seen them on paths in front of me, and, respectfully asked, they would move. Really, most snakes understand that we are hundreds of times bigger than they are, and would rather just leave us alone. At least the ones in my area are like that; I’ve heard cottonmouths (in the East) can be aggressive, so maybe other are as well.

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